The Simple Version: You’re going to help drive traffic to the website. This assignment focuses on “link building.” When a page has lots of other pages linking to it, it appears higher in search results. There are internal links (links coming from pages on our website) and external links (links coming from pages on a different website). For this assignment, you will focus on internal link building.


Getting Started…


  1. Login to With internal links, you’ll only be creating links on these two sites. If you don’t have access, please ask your manager.
  2. Open the “Link Building Tracker.” In column ‘A’ you will find a keyword/phrase and in column ‘B’ you will find the page or article that you should link to. Articles are added daily, so any keyword on the tracker that hasn’t been updated for over two weeks should be checked for new articles. If all articles on the tracker are updated.
  3. Start with a key term in column ‘A’ that hasn’t been updated recently. Search the blog and magazine for the designated word or term. In this case, we’ll use the word ‘Afghanistan’ and our objective is to have all mentions of the word link to this page:
  4. From the search results, visit each article on the blog and magazine that mentions the word “Afghanistan” and link the word to this page You only need to add ONE link per article. Don’t add links to pages, only add links to posts (blog and magazine articles).
  5. After linking the key term, press the “update” button to make sure your changes are saved.
  6. That’s all there is to it! Search and link, search and link, search and link.
  7. Be sure to update the Link Tracker after you finish each key term.


What’s the Average Speed for Link Building: Most people average 40-50 links per hour.


Learn from the Pros! Read this great tutorial by Moz: Beginners Guide to Link Building.




Link Building In Action


Here’s the target page ( The Link Builder wanted the page to appear in the top results when people search the term “Poverty in Belarus.” To do that, the Link Builder created as many links to that page as possible.


The Link Builder searched for the word “Belarus.” On every page that mentions “Belarus” the word is linked to the the target page (


Here’s the result (note: rankings change daily)