State of the Union October 2016


Note from the President:

  • Great job fundraising everyone! We raised more in the 3rd Quarter (July 1st – Sept. 30th) than in Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 combined! Summer is usually a strong fundraising period, but to see everyone rally together and raise over $96,000 in a single quarter is extremely impressive. To put that in perspective, $205,000 was raised in total for 2015.
  • Year-to-date stats look great for all aspects of the organization. I couldn’t be prouder of the work you’re doing!
  • In the final stretch of the year, we need strong mobilizing efforts, especially for the REACH Act and Education for All Act (passed the House in September). Ideally every leader is receiving seven or more emails from constituents. We have less than three months left to improve newborn health and get millions of kids in school. Let’s turn up the heat and make sure every member of Congress is aware of these bills and feeling pressure in their district to cosponsor them.
  • I enjoyed meeting our Champion Mobilizer last week. When Ayusha began her internship in mid-August, the competition to see who could mobilize the most people was already half finished. Undeterred, she utilized the 15-days she had left and mobilized 67 people to email their Congressional leaders. Watch the video below to learn her mobilizing strategy.
    – Clint Borgen


Political Updates


Lobbying Meetings

  • Total September Meetings = 19
  • Year-to-date Total = 290
  • Annual Goal = 340
  • % of Annual Goal = 85%


  • Total September Emails = 3,618
  • Year-to-date Total = 28,294
  • Annual Goal = 24,000
  • % of Annual Goal = 118% [ANNUAL GOAL EXCEEDED!]


Key Bills: The bipartisan Reach Every Mother and Child Act now has 200 cosponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives! 25 Congressional leaders signed on to the bill during the month of September. The Senate version of the common-sense, life-saving bill now has 25 cosponsors.


Warren’s Address


Listen to Warren with the latest updates from D.C.



Lora Sniderman talks lobbying



The Holy Grail!


After meeting with his representative, Michael Bukur receives confirmation that his congressman is cosponsoring the Reach Every Mother and Child Act.





Content Team Updates


  • In September 64,789 people visited The Borgen Magazine.  This is a massive increase compared to the same time period in 2015, with only 35,500 visitors.
  • had 227,614  visitors. That’s our second highest month this year!


HR Team Updates


A very big, warm welcome to all of our new Borgen Project interns and volunteers!  We hope that you have a memorable experience as part of our team. Another incredible month of recruitment from the HR team, moving us ever closer to our goal of tripling our staffing levels for 2016 compared to 2015.

RD’s & Advocates Content Team Political Affairs In-Office HR Team PR Total Applicants
September 122 352 182 7 311 187 1161



Recognition Awards:


This month 2 of our interns have managed the incredible feat of raising over $1,000.  Well done and a very big thank you to Clay Haglund and Dean Sydnor.



And the Winner Is….


In August, we launched our mobilizing contest, where the person who mobilized the most people to email congress won a trip out to the Seattle Office. Ayusha Shrestha, an exchange student from Nepal, won the Top Mobilizer Award. Ayusha attends Kennesaw State University and is a Political  Affairs Intern for The Borgen Project in Georgia. In 15 days, Ayusha mobilized 67 people to email Congressional leaders in support of the Reach  Every Mother and Child Act.




Mobilize, Mobilize, Mobilize!


Political Affairs intern, Shine Kang tabling an event on campus whereby she mobilized the vast majority of her fellow students.



Political Affairs intern, Nicole Arata getting her friends in on the action and calling congress!



Kayla Mehl, a writer on our content team, came up with this simple but very effective mobilizing technique.




Neil Decenteceo from the Political Team had his Letter to the Editor printed in USA Today.


And in Other News…


Miss Washington USA getting behind the cause.

Miss WA


Let’s Talk Fundraising!


Maiya from PR team, who has currently raised $1,155, talks about her fundraising experiences with Amanda Warren.


Political Affairs intern, Aurelia Carrillo hosted a fundraising event selling raffle tickets and sold beverages at a gathering in her home town.




Always a winner – wine tasting evening!  Miki McClellan, editor, hosts a corker of an evening, bringing her fundraising total to over $500!




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