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State of the Union December 2018

Political Updates Lobbying Efforts Total # of Lobbying Meetings in November: 17 Total # of Lobbying Meetings in 2018: 720 Lobbying Meetings Goal for 2018: 560 Advocacy Emails Number of Advocacy Emails in November: 4,204 Advocacy Emails Goal for 2018: 100,000 % of Congress Emailed in November: 98% Congressional Office Meetings Warren’s Address Listen to the latest from Warren […]

State of the Union November 2018

Note from the President: Hi everyone, lots of great things occurring right now. The PEPFAR Extension Act passed in the House this week. The beautiful bill that fights HIV/AIDS in Africa has a great chance of passing in the Senate, but we have less than a month and a half to pass it. Your advocacy emails and […]