Welcome to The Borgen Project’s

State of the Union

September 2016



Political Updates

Lobbying Meetings:

● Total August Meetings = 25    ● Year-­to-­date Total = 265   ● Annual Goal = 340

● % of Annual Goal = 78%


● Total August Emails = 4,696  ● Year-­to-­date Total = 24,676  ● Annual Goal = 24,000

● % of Annual Goal = 103% [ANNUAL GOAL EXCEEDED!]

We had over 3 times the number of people emailing Congress this month compared to August 2015.

Between January 1st and December 31st of 2015, we had 22,642  emails to Congress!

Key Bills:

● No new cosponsors for the month of August as the summer recess wraps up.

● Congress is back in session on September 6, 2016



Warren’s Address

Listen to Warren with the latest updates from D.C.

Lester Goes to Town!

“I went on their website and looked for when they were going to meet. I knew from the site, but also from my dad, that they allow the public to give comments during part of their meetings. The meetings are open to the public and when you get to the meetings, you just sign your name on a sign-in sheet for city governance.” Lester Stone II

Guest Speaker from the Volunteer Team

Listen to Ajay’s tips on lobbying Congress and his overall experience as a Borgen Project Political Team member.



Content Team Updates

Year to date, we’ve had 1.8 million visitors to borgenproject.org

 In August alone, 201,000 visits to borgenproject.org and 51,000 visits to borgenmagazine.com

Thank you for ensuring we have engaging content for our readers.



HR Team Updates

A very big, warm welcome to all of our new Borgen Project interns!  We hope that you have a fantastic internship with us.

August was another bumper month of recruiting for the HR team, seeing yet more recruitment records broken. In August 2015, we received applications from 201 candidates. Here’s the breakdown of August 2016, a very different picture.  Well done team!


RD’s & Advocates Content Team Political Affairs Team In-Office Positions HR Team PR Team Total Applicants
August 279 419 285 10 389 350 1732


That being said, we are still struggling to recruit to the following states, so if you know of anyone in the area or have any bright ideas as to how we can reach out to these states, do let us know:

Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nevada, New Mexico and Mississippi.


Recognition Awards:

This month 14 of our interns have managed the incredible feat of raising over $1,000.  Well done and a very big thank you to Mary Friedman, Carrie Clower, Leigh Scaglia, Lona Sniderman, Mark Rasmussen, Madasen McGrath, Kristyn Rohrer, Charlie Tomb, Connor Borden, Emma Foster, Madison Peterson, Abigail Szkutak, Maiya Weber and Amy Pettigrew!

Taking things one step further, Katherine Schauer achieves the Capital Achievement award, raising over $2,000!

Mobilizing: It’s easy, it’s what we’re about, get to it!

Arii 2

Role Reversal!

Normally it’s us Tweeting congress, but Kyle Birns, from the PA team has been name dropped by his representative!

Going Global

Aislinn Dresel from the PR/Marketing team has been to the other side of the earth to share the message!

Let’s Talk Fundraising!

What’s the money for?


This is How We Do It!

Day Out at the Beach or Fundraising Opportunity?


Kathleen, an editor on the Content Team, has managed to turn a day out at the beach into a fundraising opportunity!  Having reached out to members of her community to donate in exchange for her to clean up the local beach, Katheleen also then advertised the event by speaking about it and The Borgen Project on local radio.

Get your friends, family, community involved in your fundraising.  The more you spread the word, the more successful you will be.

15 Minutes of Fame!

Tanya Thomas, an HR intern from Canada, has raised the bar wth her media outreach. During her 12 weeks with us, she appeared live on Canadian TV, was interviewed on the radio and could be found in print in her university’s online publication. This is what can be achieved just by reaching out.



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