Formula: Celebrity “X” did something good for the world’s poor.


Typical celebrity actions to cover: Toured a refugee camp, lobbied Congress, became a spokesperson for a development organization.


The “Spotted” section of BORGEN Magazine covers celebrities who are doing good deeds for the the world’s poor. It’s no secret that people love reading about celebs and your challenge is to channel that fascination toward global poverty. Because celebrities are highly searched on the web, some of our most viewed articles have been about celebs. This celeb coverage helps drive traffic and reward celebs with coverage for their global do-gooding. Celebs read their coverage (often receiving daily summaries with links to articles, blog posts) so there is a good chance the celebs you write about are reading it. Aka. Keep it nice. Your article is an opportunity to introduce them to the cause.

Examples of articles we like:


Frequent Global Do-Gooders: Oprah, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck



  • Monitor celebs sites.
  • Write stories when celebs are on a Talk Show promoting a cause. For example, “Matt Damon Talks Syria on The Daily Show.”