Find contact info for internship coordinators at U.S. universities. Most colleges have staff that are in charge of helping students find internships. For this assignment, you’ll start to find the internship coordinators at every U.S. university.



    1. Find the contact details of 50 internship coordinators per week.
    2. Add internship coordinators you find to this document.
    3. Add any additional departments or staff members that you feel would be appropriate for us to contact about our programs.


What Departments to Focus on?

– Political Science
– Communications
– Any writing related department (Journalism, Writing)
– Marketing and Public Relations and related business departments

– International Affairs
– HR and related fields* These are the out-of-office internship positions we’ll be reaching out to internship coordinators about. Any departments related to those positions would be helpful.


Tips for Finding Internship Coordinators:

  • Google related terms (Florida State University internship coordinators)
  • Search the departments on university websites (Florida State University School of Political Science)
  • Visit the website for the college’s career center.
Example: Below is a good example of a complete list of internship coordinators posted on the career center website at Illinois State University. This list was found by Googling “Illinois State University internship coordinators.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 8.04.06 AM