focus group

Note: For this assignment you need to do your own research on the best way to conduct a focus group. You have flexibility in your approach, but read the instructions below carefully.


Assignment: In this assignment you will do a focus group to gain better insight into how people view the organization’s website. The purpose is to gain insight into the way people outside of the organization perceive the website.

Getting Started –

  1. Select the type of focus group you want to conduct. Your objective is to gain insight from a small sample group of people. You can gather this information either via an in-person focus group or by sending them a survey.
  2. Determine the questions. Keep it short and simple.
  3. Find participants. You are welcome to reach out to friends, family or strangers. The more participants the better, but there should be a minimum of 5.
  4. Report back your findings. Send a brief report of your findings to your manager. In 1-2 pages, summarize your methodology, profile of participants (college students, retirees, etc.) and what you learned. Include interesting quotes and relevant responses. Be sure to avoid your own bias. Your report will be forwarded to the President of The Borgen Project and accurate information is extremely important to help the organization make informed decisions.


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