What is Reddit?
Reddit is a social news aggregation discussion website where users can post questions, content, and discussions on categorized groups called, “subreddits.” Each subreddit is a specific community geared towards something. For example, r/BorgenProject is a community based around The Borgen Project. There is a subreddit for almost anything and everything.
Why it Matters? Reddit has the ability to create great exposure to meaningful content and drive traffic to linked websites. Additionally, the forum-based comment section is a great way to create meaningful discussions. The upvote and downvote system allows content to be rated by those who consume it. All in all, Reddit’s social platform allows The Borgen Project articles you read and write to reach a larger audience.



  1. Create a Reddit account. Subscribe to communities that you have an interest in.
  2. Find a subreddit community that would fit the content of the article or page you’re sharing. Don’t just post in r/poverty or r/worldnews. You will get better more viewers and better engagement if you post in subreddits that tailor specifically to your article. For example, an article about women’s empowerment in India would fit better under r/india than it would r/women. Engagement is best in subreddit communities where people join because they are actively interested in the topic, like sports teams or TV shows. Use this to your advantage.
  3. Once you’ve chosen your subreddit, read the posting rules to make sure you that your post doesn’t get taken down. Because some subreddits receive so much traffic, there are rules to ensure that users do not spam and that content can be categorized and filed. As a general rule, make sure the title of your Reddit post is the same as the title of your article.
  4. Follow up. See if your post is getting good feedback and follow up on any comments made. Create a dialog in the comments.
  5. Take a screenshot of your published Reddit post and include it in your weekly tracker.


Tip: Ask friends who are avid Reddit users to post as well. Content shared by experienced Reddit users receives more visibility.


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