Occasionally, you might reach a point where you’re out of things to work on. In those situations, utilize the list of “go-to” assignments below. These are high-impact items that we have a never ending need for people to be doing.


1. Mobilize – Have you done everything in your power to mobilize lots of people to contact Congressional leaders? Have you thought of new ideas? Tried? Failed? Succeeded? It’s easy to hit walls when trying to find ways to mobilize people, but remember that there is no shortage of people waiting for you to propel them to action. Even the least populated state in America (Wyoming) has over 582,000 people. That’s 582,000 potential allies for the world’s poor. If you can get 100-200 of them contacting their leader each week in support of poverty-reduction legislation, you will single-handedly change politics in your state.


2. Reach out to groups in your district – Want Sen. Jones to cosponsor a particular Act? Email groups in your district, asking them to forward info to their members about contact the Senator in support of that particular Act.


3. Link Building – The more sites linking to borgenproject.org, the higher the sites appears when people search various key terms. Learn how to create links on various sites.


4. Counter Commenting – Those who are against the U.S. helping the world’s poor are very vocal. As reporters have complained to us, they can’t write an article about the U.S. helping the poor without the article receiving lots of negative comments. Search the web for articles about foreign aid and efforts to help the world’s poor. Post positive comments and/or email the reporter thanking them for covering the topic.


5. Consult the Point Chart – As we learn new methods that are effective for advocacy, awareness and fundraising, we list them on the Point Chart.


6. Go Big on the Fundraising – Check out fundraising ideas or generate your own.