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In most cases, if you’re trying hard, you’ll be able to get meetings with your Congressional offices. Below are tips for securing meetings:

  • Follow-Up: After submitting your meeting request, call the leaders scheduler in 2-3 days to verify that they received your meeting request. Be politely persistent and send follow-up emails every 2-3 weeks.
  • Swim the “Channels:” By channels we mean staffers who work for the Congressional leader. If you navigate through the channels you’re likely to find someone who will take your meeting. If you’re not having luck getting a meeting through scheduling, try directly contacting the District Director or calling the office and telling them what you’d like to discuss and asking them who in the office would be the best person to speak with.
  • Try D.C. Office: The “Foreign Policy LA” is usually the person in charge of handling global poverty. Call the office or email that person directly asking for a meeting. Unless you live close to D.C., be sure to clarify that it will be a phone meeting and ask for the best number to reach them at.
  • Attend Events: Finding and attending events the leader is speaking at. Talking with the leader or their staff at the event and asking to arrange a meeting with them. This alone will almost guarantee a meeting.
  • Give them Incentive by Showing Public Support: Mobilizing 12+ people each week to call or email the leader in support of Borgen Project legislation. If you create a Borgen Project base of supporters in their district, they will talk to you the leader of that base.