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Youth Ambassador Program:

My Tribe



Our mission is to engage high school students in the cause and efforts of The Borgen Project, so that they may in turn engage and inform their fellow students, creating a more politically active, informed, empowered, and mobilized generation of high school students across the nation.

Your Tribe is a group of 10 (or more!) people that you choose to engage and inform about the world of global poverty reduction. You’ll build engaging relationships with these people, making sure that as you learn, they learn. As you experience cool, new things in the world of poverty-reduction and development, we want you to make sure that they do too! As you will see on your Weekly Tracker, part of your job is to maintain regular contact with these people, and how you do so is totally up to you! The ultimate goal is for you to inform, empower, and mobilize your Tribe, so that they know all about The Borgen Project, as well as what they can do to advocate for poverty reduction programs themselves.


“My Tribe” Tips:



o   Decide how you’re going to contact your Tribe (phone, email, Skype, letters, etc.)

o   Set a schedule for contacting your Tribe (at least once a month) and stick to it!

o   Pick one or two important, relevant, informative topics per interaction to teach your Tribe about (remember the ultimate goal)

o   Take regular notes throughout your work about what you’re learning, feeling, excited about, etc. so that you can use those notes when you reach out (the more detail the better)

o   Include an anecdote or story about something interesting/funny/cool that happened since you last spoke to your Tribe

o   Include pictures of yourself working as a Student Ambassador if you send emails or letters (people love seeing pictures of you)

o   Include a link to The Borgen Project’s website ( in every interaction, and provide links or recommendations to pages on the website, blog, or magazine that you find interesting

o   Attach an “I Am an Advocate” personal page to your emails, or send them to your Tribe members by mail


Sample Structure:

  • Introduction / Greetings
  • Personal Updates (how you’re doing, what you’re excited for, etc.)
  • One or two important bits of information about global development and poverty reduction with The Borgen Project
  • Personal Story
  • Photos of yourself working, at events, etc.
  • Thank your Tribe
  • “I Am an Advocate” personal page (generally first email/outreach only)