Media Relations

In this track, you will focus on ways to increase our presence in the media, as well as ways to lobby Congress about our key bills. You will establish relationships with media outlets (t.v., radio, online, and print) in order to raise awareness about The Borgen Project, global poverty issues, and our key bills.   Assignments include:  creating YouTube videos, weekly Facebook and Twitter posts, pitching ideas and stories, and submitting Public Service Announcements (PSAs).

  • You’ll be reaching out to media influencers and thought-leaders in your area, nationwide, and across the globe. You’ll be using your PR/Marketing savvy and creativity, a la Don Draper.
  • You’ll need to contact 50-60 media outlets to improve your odds. Trying to connect with influencers and thought-leaders takes a lot of time and persistence.  

Expectation: Ideally get a total of eight of your ideas, stories, infographs, or PSAs published, posted, or announced on each of the types of media outlets (t.v., radio, online, and print).  A minimum of four is required.    

An online Media Outreach 101 training session is held the fourth Wednesday of every month.