Adding Potential Donors to the My Donor Spreadsheet (Amy does this!)

Emails in [email protected] are opened and the list is checked for any issues. If all is well:

  • Forward the email to [email protected]
  • When it arrives in the inbox, label it ‘Zap to My Donors’

The label will trigger the data to be sent to the spreadsheet.

If the data on the team member’s list needs amending, this can be updated directly on the My Donors spreadsheet.

If there are over 50 potential donor’s on the team member’s list, email/message your manager first.

Begin Here:

Creating Potential Donor Envelopes

Amendments can be made to the My Donor’s’ spreadsheet up to the point of creating the envelope template.

Once the word ‘Yes’ is added to the purple ‘Create Envelope Template’ column, the envelopes are created in Google Drive and any further amendments to the address details will not be transferred to the envelope template.

When you are ready to print the potential donors’ envelopes from the team member’s list, double-check that the potential donor’s name and mailing address are written correctly (directions and suffixes are abbreviated, etc.) as this will be the last time you can make any changes to the envelopes. After double-checking, type the word ‘Yes’ into the purple column of each row of that team member’s list. Then:

  • Double click on the Envelope Templates folder.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Envelope Template folder option and then click on ‘Search within Envelope Templates’.

  • Search Drive at the top by team member’s first and last name and all of their templates will be displayed.
  • Click to highlight the first document listed. From there, hold down the shift key while using the down arrow on your keyboard to highlight the rest of the envelopes. Once the list is highlighted, right-click to download the files for printing.


Printing & Preparing Letters for Mailing

  • Add envelopes to the printer by sliding them in face-down.
    • The flap that seals the envelope must be facing up on the left-hand side of the printer. Otherwise, the mailing address will print upside down.
  • Change the Print settings on your laptop to Paper Size: Envelope #10.
  • Click to open the downloaded file on your laptop. Then, double click on the folder called ‘Drive download…’
  • Highlight the list of documents (shift, down arrow). Then, click File and Print.

  • Write the team member’s name on the back of the return-donation envelopes while the envelopes are printing.
  • Match up envelopes with the correct fundraising letters as they might not be in order.
  • Package letters, return envelopes and advocate fliers (if they were included).
  • Add a stamp to each envelope.
  • Email team member with “Fundraising Letters Received” canned response* from [email protected], and write “Yes” in”Notification Sent” column of Verify Doc.
  • At the end of your shift, go to your Downloads folder and delete all of the “Drive download…” files from your computer.

*Canned responses (predetermined and written responses) can be found when you click “Compose” at the top of the inbox. Then, in the bottom right-hand corner of the email, click on the 3 vertical dots. Here, you will find all of our canned responses. You will most likely need to edit these responses before sending them!


Issues with letters 

If the team member did not send a list of potential donors, if there is a letter or two for which the list does not include an address, etc., email the team member letting them know the issue.

Save the letters on the shelf next to the printer labeled “Need Info” and write the team member’s name and issue on the sheet included on the shelf. Make sure to be on the lookout for a response from the team member so that you can go back and complete their mailings. The responses to your emails will be labeled with your name.