Recruiting for The Borgen Project


Hiring is a critical part of every organization’s success. This part of your internship will give you an insight into how our HR Associates manage the applications we receive for our various internship and volunteer positions and demonstrate how we use an Applicant Tracking System, Recruiterbox.

The training materials below are used to train our new HR Associates. Please watch and read the materials, making notes in your tracker about the key points.


Rules We Work By

  • Manage your candidates. You will be responsible for the candidates you send the initial contact email to.
  • As an organization, we need our applicants to feel valued, and wanted. If we do not respond to candidates in a timely manner, they will remove themselves from the hiring process, ultimately wasting all of our recruiting efforts.
  • If you have difficulties managing the emails or will be absent for several days, let your manager know in advance so they can respond on your behalf.
  • You do not have the authority to reject candidates. Managers make the final call. In the past, we’ve had situations where the interviewer was overly harsh and rejected nearly every applicant. While we’re very selective on who can be part of The Borgen Project, it’s also imperative that we don’t miss out on great applicants.
  • Do not delete or merge any candidates. We want a record of all applications and emails.
  • Never email candidates your personal email account details.  All emails are to be sent via Recruiterbox, so we have an auditable trail of all conversations.
  • All applications are confidential, and no information should be shared. Never discuss an applicant with anyone other than your manager.


Getting Started


Please watch and take notes on the following videos.  They will give you a good understanding of our hiring process.


Recruitment Part One


Internal Notes Feature


Red Symbols


Remember: We are making our hiring decision based on passion not experience, motivation not qualifications.

Useful Document: FAQs


Red Marks Recap!


You will find that some candidates have a red symbol next to their name. Recruiterbox works by email addresses and if a candidate has used their email address to apply for more than one position, it will highlight that candidate with a red symbol next to their name.



Before going any further with the candidate’s application, click on the red symbol and all of the applications for that email address will appear:



In this instance, the candidate has applied to both the PR, Writer and Political Affairs internships. Applicants can apply to as many different positions as they like, and we will manage each application individually, requesting for resumes, asking if the candidates wishes to undertake the quiz, in all applications. We generally find a candidate will have a preference, and they will not respond to the position they are less interested in, but we need to give them the choice.



In this example, the candidate has sent in two applications for the HR internship.  This is not required. We only want one open application per internship. We therefore archive one of the applications, so only one email is sent to the candidate about the HR internship.



Click in the box next to the application you wish to archive, click on the drop-down arrow to the right of ‘Reject’ and then click ‘Archive’.



Click on the reason ‘Duplicate Record’ and then click ‘Archive Candidates’.



You may also find applications from previous years that have been archived.  If this is the case, please proceed with the application. If however, next to the application, you see a ‘Rejected’ label, please add an internal note for your manager, they will decide if we want to move forward with the application.