State of the Union May 2024

Political Updates

Lobbying and Advocacy Efforts

  • Total # of Lobbying Meetings in April: 94
  • Total # of Lobbying Meetings in 2024: 166
  • Lobbying Meetings Goal for 2024: 390

Advocacy Emails

  • Total # of Advocacy Emails in April: 2,713
  • Total # of Advocacy Emails in 2024: 15,589
  • Advocacy Emails Goal for 2024: 84,000
  • % of Congress Emailed Year to Date: 87%

Congressional Office Meetings and Bird Dogging

Political Team member Jacob Hung and Amy Jenkins, Senior Program manager, met with Representative Keating’s (D-MA-09) Foreign Policy Advisor, Ben Cooper.

David Zhu – Political Affairs Team member at Congressman Ro Khanna’s [D-CA-17] town hall in Fremont, CA

Updates from DC

Listen in to hear all of the latest updates from DC.



Congratulations to the following team members who have achieved Borgen Project Honors & Recognition

Visit the Our Team Members page and read about success stories with our organization.

Getting the Word Out 

One-Mile Campaigns & Mobilizing

PR/Marketing Team

Fred Pauley completed his mile campaign in Birkenhead, UK

Aeisha Varu in Leicester, UK



Political Affairs Team members

Krista Amoth – Concord, NH

James Schultz – PA

Celeste Schreifels – OR

Clyde Quarles – MN

Conor Lockwood – Liverpool, UK

Jamie Richardson – Toronto, Canada

Cameron Etchells – Enfield, UK

Carisa Balmos – TX





Content Team

Madison McCray


Letters to the Editor

Political Affairs Team

PR/Marketing Team 


Outreach & Mobilizing Materials

Fred Pauley – PR/Marketing Team member

Delara Baria – PR/Marketing Team member

Isabella Green – Content Team member

Isabella Green’s furry friends supporting the cause!


Julie Baghdady – PR/Marketing Team member, worked as a bartender at an event and all tips went to her fundraising campaign

James McAlinden – Content Team member had a “how many sweets are in the jar” for his fundraiser

Isabella Green – Content Team member, hosting a paint-and-sip evening for her fundraising

Houda Sahibeddine – Political Affairs Team member held a bake sale

Kiera Gorman – Content Team member, hosted a garage/yard sale for her fundraising



@user6170203755 Support the International Affairs Budget and other poverty reduction legislation in the link below! Thank you so much! #fightpoverty #borgenproject ♬ original sound – Aidan

Nonprofit Leadership Team member Aidan Fernandes



Isabelle Hickman – PR/Marketing Team member

Juliana Ortiz – Political Affairs Team member

Oscar Cramer – PR/Marketing Team member

Robert Marshall – PR/Marketing Team member

Emily Buisseret – PR/Marketing Team member

Shanqi Mo – PR/Marketing Team member

Renos Kadros – PR/Marketing Team member

David Zhu – Political Affairs Team member

Thomas Schmitz – Political Affairs Team member

Ireh Kim – Political Affairs Team member

Maria Rosaria Bitti – Political Affairs Team member

Moodie Alboresha – Political Affairs Team member