Objective: We want photos from impoverished places that convey facts and calls to action.


Getting Started

  1. Determine your plan of action and organize your supplies (cardboard, markers, chalk, etc.).
  2. Mobilize some locals. Kids are usually game for participating in artsy things like this. Adults often act shy at first, but usually take great pride in being photographed.
  3. Start taking photos. Try different approaches. The big picture is you want images that will resonate with people back in the U.S. For example, an impoverished kid holding a sign that says, “Can you call your Senator for me?” makes a compelling statement.
  4. The more photos we have to choose from the better. You don’t need to do any editing or tinting.
  5. Email photos to your Manager and cc [email protected].


Types of Messages to Convey in Signs

  • Email Congress
  • Foreign Aid Matters
  • (Write Poverty Facts)
  • (Legislative Messages) “Please Support the Education for All Act”


Materials to Use: Get creative, but here are a few ideas.

  • Black marker on cardboard.
  • Chalk on cement.
  • Paint on abandoned building.


img_7453 img_7657