We are excited to have you as part of the team. This page is designed to address general housekeeping matters you need to be aware of.

Learn About The Borgen Project

Complete the New Hires Boot Camp. Email your finished Training Module to [email protected] before the end of your two-week trial.


  • Be sure to download the time tracker to log your hours each time you are working on Borgen Project assignments.
  • The addition of manual hours is not permitted.
  • The Upwork work week ends on Sunday at 23:59 UTC. Any remaining hours at the end of the week do not “roll over” to the next.
  • Set up your payment details and become familiar with the Upwork billing cycle.
  • W-9 Form and Taxes:
    Please note that if you are a U.S. resident for tax purposes, you must update your tax status by completing a W-9 Form.
    Settings>Tax Information

    From there, you will fill out the following information

    • Legal Name – Your own name, or your business name if you’re filing as a company entity
    • Filing Status – Sole proprietor
    • Taxpayer Identification Number – Social Security Number (if you have your own LLC then use that taxpayer number)

    Upwork will not release payment to your preferred payment method until you have completed this step.

    You are responsible for handling your own taxes at the end of each year. If this is a secondary source of income for you, it is likely that you will file Schedule C on IRS Form 1040. See this Turbo Tax resource for tips that can help you to reduce your taxable income. Alternatively, you may wish to set aside 15.3% of your earnings each paycheck or each month to prevent a financial surprise/burden come tax time.

    Note: You will not receive a Form 1099-MISC from Upwork or The Borgen Project at tax time. Therefore, be sure to use your Earnings by Client report to accurately track your earnings.

Other Requirements

  • Please submit your weekly report by Monday at 9AM PST. This simple document will list the titles of all the articles you edited in the prior week.
  • Please provide your weekly schedule at the beginning of each week. If you expect your schedule to be pretty fixed (e.g. you are only available to work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) for the foreseeable future then do let us know at the beginning of your contract.


Best Practices

  • Provide advanced notice if you are unable to meet your weekly requirements or if you need to take time off.
  • Ask as many questions as often as you need.