State of the Union July 2020

Political Updates


Lobbying and Advocacy Efforts

  • Total # of Lobbying Meetings in June: 222
  • Total # of Lobbying Meetings in 2020: 513
  • Lobbying Meetings Goal for 2020: 710

Advocacy Emails

  • Total # of Advocacy Emails in June: 41,666
  • Total # of Advocacy Emails in 2020: 87,838
  • Advocacy Emails Goal for 2020: 120,000
  • % of Congress Emailed Year to Date: 99%


Congressional Office Meetings and Live Events

  • Political Affairs Team member Sumiran Nigam bird-dogged Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA-7th) at a Town Hall event on Facebook.

  • Political Affairs Team member Ehran Hodes bird dogged Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) during his Facebook Live.

  • Hannah McLain, Political Affairs, participated in a COVID-19 Facebook Live Event with Sanjay Gupta.

  • Political Affairs Team member Hannah Mclain participated in a Facebook Live Event on COVID-19 with Lindsey Mastis, news anchor for Good Morning Washington. Giving an Overview of COVID-19.

  • Political Affairs Team member Ava Singh asked Sen. Mark Warner to support the Global Health Security Act on a Facebook Town Hall.

  • Political Affairs Team member Amanda Sarmiento participated in an Instagram Live with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA).


Warren’s Address

Listen to the latest from Warren about the goings-on in D.C.


Content Team Updates

Articles of the Month: Providing Affordable Refrigeration in Developing Countries by Natasha Nath, Mushroom Farming by Jonathan Helton and The Impacts on Poverty In Lesotho by Chatham Kennedy.



Congratulations to the following team members who have achieved Borgen Project Honors & Recognition

      • Honors Award (raised $3,000 or more): 
        • Political Affairs Team: Jacob Boehm
      • Capital Achievement Award (raised $2,000 or more):
        • Content Team: Anita Durairaj, Melina Stavropoulos
      • Chief Closer Award (raised $1,000 or more):
        • Content Team: Anita Durairaj, Jonathan Helton, Annie Lezzi, George Hashemi, Natasha Nath, Maxwell Karibian, Isabel Corp, Hannah Roberts, Sydney Stokes, Aiden Farr, Lucia Kenig-Ziesler, Rachel Powell, Paige Musgrave
        • HR Team: Keira D’Amico, Chloe Marshall, Zhane Spates
        • In-Office Team: Leah Caragol
        • Nonprofit Leadership Team: Heeyoung Son, Haven Barton-Knabe, Gillian Friend, Omar Iniguez, Haven Barton-Knabe, Grace Hoagland
        • Political Affairs Team: Leila Mosteika, Arushi Singh, Sarah Fuller, Olivia Pistella, William Scheffler, Grayson Timoner, Sofia Siegel, Jacob Boehm, Brandon Stoll, Daina Stinnett
        • PR/Marketing Team: Camila Lavadenz
      • Bird Dog Award:
        • Content Team: Aishwarya Thiygarajan
        • Political Affairs: Ava Singh, Amanda Elena Sarmiento
        • PR/Marketing Team: Sumiran Nigam
      • President’s Circle:
        • Nonprofit Leadership Team: Noor Mchallah (5 meetings), Heeyoung Son, Haven Barton-Knabe, Grace Hoagland, Noor Mchallah, Yesha Shah
      • Public Outreach Award (50 or more people mobilized): 
        • Nonprofit Leadership Team: Omar Iniguez
        • Political Affairs Team: Natasha Nath, Arnie Bennett, Elizabeth Dassow (163 people)
        • PR/Marketing Team: Jamie Yeh

Visit the Our Team Members page and read about success stories with our organization.


Getting the Word Out


Informational Events

PR/Marketing Team member Danielle Zbodula held a Borgen Project Info Event on Zoom. The event received a fantastic turn out!

PR/Marketing Team member Sophia Neubaum created a powerpoint to accompany for Informational Event


One-Mile Campaigns & Mobilizing

Content Team member Sydney Stokes

Left: PR/Marketing Team member Stephanie Orea in Texas; Center: PR/Marketing Team member Julia Lupariello hung flyers in New Orleans, LA; Right: Political Affairs Team member Cory Dudka in Madison, WI

Content Team member Madeline Zuzevich

PR/Marketing Team member Siyu Liu

Left: Content Team member Emma Benson; Center: Advocate Venus Wang; Right: Regional Director Omara Castillo

Left: PR/Marketing Team member Sarah Tucker; Right: Content Team member Rachel Hernandez

PR/Marketing Team member Jonathan Roberto

HR Team member Danyell Chupp repping The Borgen Project!

Political Affairs Team members completing their One-Mile Campaign; Top left: Esau Carpenter; Top right: Irma Alonso; Bottom left: Meredith Kahan; Bottom right: Payton Little

PR/Marketing Team members Sophia Neubaum (left) and Samantha Martinez Hansen (right)

Political Affairs Team member Katherine Gagnon in Glastonbury, CT

HR Team member Minerva Ramirez

Julia Andersen, Political Affairs Team, painted rocks for her One-Mile Campaign in Point Pleasant, NJ



Advocate Venus Wang held a virtual swarm with 25 people

Nonprofit Leadership Team member Omar Iniguez utilized Snapchat, a multimedia messaging app, to create a swarm of 53 people

Nonprofit Leadership Team member Zachary Leven in Atlanta, GA created a swarm to call and email Congress

More than a swarm! Nonprofit Leadership Team member Seth Duval in Philadelphia, PA had friends and families call their congressional leaders, created a bingo game to fundraise for the cause and held a Zoom call with people to mobilize Congress

Nonprofit Leadership Team member Anna Gwin created a swarm to call and email Congress


Letters to the Editor


Political Affairs Team

PR/Marketing Team

Nonprofit Leadership Team


Outreach & Mobilizing Materials

Left: Created by Content Team member Madeline Zuzevich; Right: Created by PR/Marketing Team member Avery Fletcher

Created by PR/Marketing Team member Elizabeth Gierhart

Created by PR/Marketing Team member Samantha Martinez Hansen 

PR/Marketing Team member Laura Barriga Fernandez designed graphics for Instagram Story. Laura shared her stories to various influences and was able to get @geografans (18.7K followers) to repost on Instagram

Created by Nonprofit Leadership Team member Elise Kwan

Created by PR/Marketing Team member Madeline Agner

Created by PR/Marketing Team member Penelope Moreno

Created by PR/Marketing Team member Jamie Yeh

Left: Created by PR/Marketing Team member Sara Holm; Right: Created by Content Team member Karin Filipova

Outreach materials created by PR/Marketing Team member Riley Cronin

Interactive templates for social media created by PR/Marketing Team member Madison Kilpatrick

Created by Content Team member Rachel Hernandez



Political Affairs Team member Nelly Harb made cookies and walked throughout her neighborhood to raise money for the cause. Nelly raised $25!

Content Team member DeAndre Jakar Robinson fundraised in front of a GNC in Kalamazoo, MI

Content Team member Natascha Holenstein held a bake sale to contribute to her fundraising goal. Natascha has sold delicious treats, such as cookies, cake pops and brownies to neighbors, family and friends

Not only did Political Affairs Team member Amanda Sarmiento participate in a swimathon to downsize poverty. Amanda also made and sold apparel and face masks for her fundraising campaign

PR/Marketing Team member Parnaz Hojjati sold her artwork on Ebay to fundraise for the cause

Content Team member Sydney Stokes found a creative means to both fundraise AND mobilize her followers to take action

Nonprofit Leadership Team member Melanie Ipyam designed an Instagram Bingo to raise small donations



“He Developed His Dream on a Fishing Boat. Now, It’s an Anti-Poverty Movement.”

World Food Program USA spoke to Borgen Project Founder and President, Clint Borgen, in their June episode of #HackingHunger, Creating an Anti-Poverty Movement with Clint Borgen.


Virtual Series

The Borgen Project is working hard to shine a spotlight on the concerning threat that COVID-19 poses in countries that were already experiencing dire humanitarian crisis. Our latest virtual series event featured Borgen Project Founder and President, Clint Borgen. The conversation addressed why it’s more important than ever to activate and advocate for what’s right in this pivotal time in our nation’s history.

World Refugee Day

On June 20, we acknowledged the overwhelming adversity faced by the nearly 80 million displaced people worldwide. World Refugee Day offers a chance to raise awareness of the plight of refugees around the world and of the efforts to protect their human rights.

“Today, there are more than 70 million displaced people around the world, and nearly 90% of the world’s refugees live in developing countries that often struggle to provide basic services, let alone combat a global pandemic. “


Media Outreach



Political Affairs Team member Sofia Siegel featured in an Alumni Spotlight interview for the Putney Student Travel to discuss The Borgen Project.



The Borgen Project is now on TikTok! Give us a follow @theborgenproject.

Learn more on our website. Link in bio. ##poverty ##world ##101 ##fyp ##foryourpage ##foryoupage ##foryou ##global ##hunger ##electricity ##for ##you ##page ##help♬ Intentions (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Justin Bieber & Quavo] – Elliot Van Coup

Have an idea for a TikTok? Please email them to Nonprofit Leadership Team member Sharon Shenderovskiy at [email protected].


Team members took to Instagram to voice support for the cause. Don’t forget to tag @theborgenproject in your content on Instagram:

  • David Tran, PR/Marketing Team

  • Amonn Mitchell, PR/Marketing Team

  • Riley Cronin, PR/Marketing Team

  • Lilya Hadab, PR/Marketing Team

  • Monica Littles, PR/Marketing Team

  • Dalia Nazzal, Nonprofit Leadership Team

  • Nitan Shanas, Nonprofit Leadership Team

  • Sydney Stokes, Content Team

  • Hanna Rowell, Content Team

  • Zoe Chao, Content Team

  • Paige Musgrave, Content Team

  • Matthew Hernandez, Political Affairs Team

  • Rachel Jakovac, Political Affairs Team

  • Lucy Bozinov, Political Affairs Team

  • Lara Smith, Political Affairs Team

  • Katie Scott, Political Affairs Team

  • Cecilia Payne, Political Affairs Team

  • Tara Phung, HR Team

  • Tristan Gates, HR Team

  • Gabby Rovito, HR Team

  • Gianna Bruno, HR Team

  • Xinyue Song, HR Team

  • Christina Tomala, HR Team



Featured on The Borgen Project’s Instagram: A multi-series post on the End TB Not Act created by PR/Marketing Team member Siyu Liu.

Nonprofit Leadership Team member Devorah Gurevich educated her following about The Borgen Project and urged them to email Congress.

PR/Marketing Team member Kelsey Lu created a series of graphics on the crisis in Yemen that were featured on HerCampusUW’s Instagram Story

Nonprofit Leadership Team member Bernadette Dwyer in O’Fallon, IL spreading awareness about The Borgen Project on her Instagram Story

Nonprofit Leadership Team member Sharon Shenderovskiy created and shared an interactive graphic to her Instagram Story.

Influencer Outreach:

PR/Marketing Team member created a video in support of the Keeping Girls in School Act, which she shared on her Instagram. The Girls Room, an entertainment and multimedia hub for women, by women. (21.3K followers) happened to watch and interact with her IGTV video.

PR/Marketing Team member reached out to feministastic (189K followers), an organization advocating for equity, about The Borgen Project. The organization shared Sara’s graphic series to their Instagram.

Right: Content Team member Ashley Parks persuaded lifestyle influencer, Katy Belotte, to give The Borgen Project a shoutout on her Instagram Story.
Left: PR/Marketing Team member Alison Weldon messaged, Jessica Sulhee, a lifestyle content creator who found success through TikTok. Jessica shared Alison’s infographic to her Instagram Story.

Left: PR/Marketing Team member Renee St.germaine found success reaching out to a number of well-known Instagram accounts, including equalitymeansall, who shared the Keeping Girls in School Act to their Story.
Right: PR/Marketing Team member Laura Barriga successfully pitched to @ro54d on Instagram. With nearly 1 million followers, Rodrigo Garduño, posted a video about The Borgen Project on his story and saved it to his highlight “54 Donate.”

Additional Resources:
Why we need to support International COVID-19 Relief by: Elizabeth Lewis, Political Affairs Team
Global Health Security Act by: Lilya Hadab, PR/Marketing Team
Keeping Girls in School Act by: Amanda Garcia, PR/Marketing Team
Girls Lead Act by: Alexis Woodruff, PR/Marketing Team
Fast fashion: The dangerous underside of the fashion industry by Amonn Mitchell, PR/Marketing Team
How to Contact Congress by Allison Wojtowicz, PR/Marketing Team
5 ways you can contact Congress by Penelope Moreno, PR/Marketing Team

Radio and Podcasts

PR/Marketing Team member Sophia Neubaum featured in a radio interview with KUAF



PR/Marketing Team member Dennis Mavia on how to get involved:

Louisa Hallett, Political Affairs Team, asking the guest speaker a question in regards to the Global Health Security Act:

Will Scheffler, Political Affairs Team:

Brianna Budelli, Political Affairs Team:

Grayson Timoner, Political Affairs Team:

Nicholas Thurston, Political Affairs Team, highlighted COVID-19 and foreign affairs in his call on C-SPAN:

Elizabeth Manning, Political Affairs Team, called into C-SPAN to discuss the Global Health Security Act: