State of the Union November 2023

Political Updates

Lobbying and Advocacy Efforts

  • Total # of Lobbying Meetings in October: 24
  • Total # of Lobbying Meetings in 2023: 301
  • Lobbying Meetings Goal for 2023: 405

Advocacy Emails

  • Total # of Advocacy Emails in October: 5,243
  • Total # of Advocacy Emails in 2023: 63,756
  • Advocacy Emails Goal for 2023: 115,000
  • % of Congress Emailed Year to Date: 96%

Congressional Office Meetings and Bird Dogging

Kim Thelwell, VP The Borgen Project, Political Affairs Team members, Mary Blake Brock and Cole Zickwolff, meeting with Representative Levin’s Office [D-CA-49]

Political Affairs Team member, met with his MP, Andrew Bowie in support of ODA

Kim Thelwell and Gabriel Dos Santos Brandao, met with Representative Frost’s staffer, Kerry Mackenzie. [D-FL-10]

The Borgen Project meeting with Representative Katie Porter’s office- [D-CA-47]

Senior Program Manager, Amy Jenkins and Political Team members, Stephanie Graber and Elijah Leon met with Senator Klobuchar’s [D-MN] Legislative Aide, Seth Barnes

Regional Director Emile Maloney attended a coffee with constituents hosted by Representative Jayapal [D-WA-7].


Updates from DC

Listen in to hear all of the latest updates from DC.



Congratulations to the following team members who have achieved Borgen Project Honors & Recognition

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Getting the Word Out


Political Team member, Deepak Peddinti

Regional Director Courtney Petersen


Information Events

Content Team member, Daniel Pereda, hosted guests at an awareness and internship opportunity event in Ryadh during the UNFCCC MENA climate week in Saudi Arabia.


PR/Marketing Team member, Imogen Barrow-Starkey was interviewed by Bournemouth Universities’ radio show, Nerve Radio, UK


One-Mile Campaigns

Political Affairs Team member, Kaden Kaeo in Kirkland, WA

Political Affairs Team member, Valerio Longobardi completed his 1-mile campaign in London, UK

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Kama Clifford’s furry friends, Buffy and Willow supporting The Borgen Project

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Justin Miller – outside of Representative Delia Ramirez’s Office

Political Affairs Team member, Gaveshna Sarswat at Westfield Mall in Stratford, UK

Political Affairs Team member, Nathan Capriglione in MD


Political Affairs Team member, Michael DeRenzo in Harrisburg, PA

Political Affairs Team member, Finian Mullaney, near Senator Brown’s office

Political Affairs Team member, Erika David put up flyers in Dunkin, Starbucks, the public library, and other spots around NJ

Political Affairs Team member, Akshaya Das at Queens University, Northern Ireland

Political Affairs Team member, Arija Jannath putting posters up around the University of Leicester, UK

Political Affairs Team member, Charlie Street’s 1 mile campaign was completed at Falmouth University, University of Exeter

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Dawson Schatz

Political Affairs Team member, Atrin Almasi putting up posters at several nightclubs and restaurants in Exeter, UK


PR/Marketing Team member Jackie Nelson’s family raising awareness


Letters to the Editor

Political Affairs Team

Content Team 


Media Outreach

Content Team memeber, Anastasia Kinyua

PR/Marketing Team member, Jing Huang

Content Team member, Angela A. Darkwah

PR/Marketing Team member, Ngan Le

Content Team member, Manasvi Kadian

Political Affairs Team member, Isabel Mishara




Political Affairs Team member, Sebastian Hoffman, created these posters for his tabling event



Political Affairs Team member, Tatiana Zapata mobilizing people at her school to reach out to Congress



Political Affairs Team member, Timothy Bellman, is holding a pet contest for his fundraiser

Political Affairs Team member, Tatiana Zapata hosted a thank you dinner for people who donated to her fundraiser

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Aniella Lisse Mutoni, organized a movie night that brought the entire campus together, offering popcorn for sale and managing to raise $45

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Katie Mcallister is completing a walkathon for one of her fundraisers

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Justin Miller hosted a fundraiser with friends and family in support of the cause



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Political Affairs Team member, Julia Nunamaker

Political  Affairs Team member, Eoin Vaughan

Political Affairs Team member, Lucienne Stahlbaum

Political Affairs Team member, Rodrigo Santos