State of the Union October 2023

Thanksgiving (U.S. team members only) – November 23rd – team members can take the week of November 18th until 24th (inclusive) off if you choose.

Please let your manager know if you will be taking time off during the Thanksgiving holiday!  

Christmas & New Year – We will be closed from December 23rd to January 1st (inclusive) and will not be available to respond to your emails. If you wish to work over the holiday period, you are very welcome to, but you will need to make sure any input that is required from us is gained before these dates. e.g. If you are a writer, you will need to have your articles approved in advance as approvals will not be reviewed during the break.

If you do take the time off, please do not skip any weeks in your tracker, you will need to resume where you left off when you return.

Political Updates

Lobbying and Advocacy Efforts

  • Total # of Lobbying Meetings in September: 30
  • Total # of Lobbying Meetings in 2023: 277
  • Lobbying Meetings Goal for 2023: 405

Advocacy Emails

  • Total # of Advocacy Emails in September: 7,257
  • Total # of Advocacy Emails in 2023: 58,513
  • Advocacy Emails Goal for 2023: 115,000
  • % of Congress Emailed Year to Date: 96%

Congressional Office Meetings and Bird Dogging

Political Affairs Team member, Ethan Williams met with MP Dean Russell to discuss ODA

Political Affairs Team member, Donell Dunlap and Amy Jenkins, Senior Program Manager, met with Laura Rncon-Bianchi, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee’s [D-TX-18] Legislative Assistant.

Political Affairs Team members, Kefei Xu and Yajat Gupta, and Amy Jenkins, Senior Program Manager, met with Cameron Smith, the Legislative Assistant from Senator Fetterman’s [D-PA] office.

Emile Maloney and Amy met with Jennifer Arnold, Rep. Greg Stanton’s (D-AZ-04) Legislative Counsel.


Updates from DC

Listen in to hear all of the latest updates from DC.



Congratulations to the following team members who have achieved Borgen Project Honors & Recognition

Visit the Our Team Members page and read about success stories with our organization.

Getting the Word Out

Information Events

Political Affairs Team member, Tatiana Zapata hosted a table at her school, educating and mobilizing students and staff about The Borgen Project

Political Affairs Team member, Cole Zickwolff held an information event about The Borgen Project outside of a mall in CA

PR/Marketing team Zanab Aziz, held an information event in the park


Letters to the Editor

PR/Marketing Team

Political Affairs Team


Outreach & Mobilizing Materials

Content Team member, Daniel Pereda

Political Affairs Team member, Ngan Le

Content Team member, Ruairí Greene

Political Affairs Team member, Kaden Kaeo

PR/Marketing Team member, Megan Mattison

PR/Marketing Team member, Imogen Barrow


One-Mile Campaigns & Mobilizing

Content Team member, Nadia Asaad


Political Affairs Team member, Mary Brock completed her 1-mile campaign in Oceanside, CA

Nonprofit Leadership Team member Katie Mcallister

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Destiny Dunmore


Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Tyne Klammer (left) and a fantastic friend getting involved too

Political Affairs Team member, Ariana Lewis did her 1-mile campaign in Los Angeles, CA

Political Affairs Team member, Lexi Coghe in Alameda, CA

Political Affairs Team member, Cole Zickwolff in Carlsbad, CA

PR/Marketing Team member, Nazelai Aierken

PR/Marketing Team member, Ciara Preece


Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Kama Clifford is planning a Halloween fundraiser

Political Affairs Team member, Tatiana Zapata


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Check Out Mary Blake Brock’s guide to emailing Congress


Political Affairs Team members

Francisco Caballero, urging support for the MINDS Act

Kaden Kaeo

Jessica Wang

Samantha Lundin

Lilian Johnson

Evan Collin

Nika Samsavar

Nathan Capriglione

Audrey Montgomery

Erika David

Atrin Almasi

Zainab Yasar

PR/Marketing Team member, Rai Husnain Mushtaq

Ethan Williams