State of the Union September 2019

Political Updates

Lobbying and Advocacy Efforts

  • Total # of Lobbying Meetings in August: 86
  • Total # of Lobbying Meetings in 2019: 443
  • Lobbying Meetings Goal for 2019: 775

Advocacy Emails

  • Number of Advocacy Emails in August: 12,951
  • Advocacy Emails Goal for 2019: 80,000
  • % of Congress Emailed in August: 98%

Congressional Office Meetings

Charles also met with Rep. Jim McGovern (MA-D-2nd) at his Northampton office. The two discussed the Keeping Girls in School Act and the International Affairs budget, as well as his recent travels to the Northern Triangle countries.

Political Affairs Team members Keely Dion (left) and Jack Bracher (right) met with Rep. Joe Kennedy (MA-D-4th).

Political Affairs Team members Josie Peplinski (left) and Keily Ramirez (right) met with Sen. Thom Tillis’ staffer James Estes (R-NC) in Charlottesville, NC.

Political Affairs Team member Sean Li met with Rep. Frank Pallone’s (D-NJ-6th) staffer, Kevin Ospina, at his office in New Brunswick. Rep. Pallone voted in support of The Global Fragility Act and supports an increase in the International Affairs Budget.

Political Affairs Team members Silvia Burian (left) and Breanna Green (right) met with Sen. Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) LA Abigail Watkins.

Political Affairs Team member Zach Brown had a great meeting with Sen. Cory Booker’s (D-NJ) staff to discuss the Global Fragility Act.

Political Affairs Team member Charles Zinn (right) met with Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) Regional Director Nyanna Slaughter and a staffer to discuss the Global Fragility Act and the United States Northern Triangle Enhanced Engagement Act.


Town Halls and Events

Political Affairs Team member Kother Maru (left) attended Rep. Hank Johnson’s (GA-D-4th) Rise for Refuge Town Hall. Kother: “Congressman Johnson spoke on the GRACE Act, and I was able to speak with him again as well as Councilman Eyasu. On the subject of the GRACE Act and refugee crisis, I urged Congressman Johnson to consider supporting the International Affairs Budget in order to alleviate the high influx of people who seek refuge in America because of extreme poverty and/or violence. I pointed out to him that if Trump’s Administration does not allow any refugees next year (as they have announced), as a Congressman, he should be prepared to help them out still by increasing foreign aid to these impoverished countries.”

Advocate Tomas Del Campo attended a town hall for Julian Castro

HR Team member Geethapriya Kumaraguru attended an event for Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA-D-7th) and told her about The Borgen Project (to which the Representative was very familiar). Geethapriya asked Rep. Jayapal to support the International Affairs Budget.

Political Affairs Team member, Sophia Serafin, attended Rep. Eshoo’s town hall meeting in Redwood City. Watch this video of her bird-dogging.

Warren’s Address

Listen to the latest from Warren about the goings-on in D.C.

Content Team Updates

Website traffic this year has been incredible, thanks to the content created by our Content Team members.


Congratulations to the following team members who have achieved Borgen Project Honors & Recognition.

      • Chief Closer Award (raised $1,000 or more):  Political Affairs Team members Jacob Bridges, Taylor Hawkins, Xavier Celestino, William Liscomb and  Juan Artega. PR Team member Jillian Turkmany and Breana Stanski from the Content Team.
      • Capital Achievement Award (raised $2,000 or more): Political Affairs Team members Emma Smith and Martina Rethman.
      • President’s Circle (held 3 congressional meetings): Political Affairs Team members Dante Smith, Abigail Mescher, Candice Schofield, Liana Wang, Charles Zinn, Gillian Jijon, Madison Gonzalez, Suzan Nassar, Lujain Alotaibi, Matthew Powell, Roshan Natarajan, Harry Keller, Gifty Agana, Taylor Hawkins, Breanna Green, Meredith Walker,
        Molly Logan, Will Wise, Jessica Martinez, Ryan Kerestesy, Ryan Hodge, Jonathan Molina, Erika Chun, Henry Chandonnet, Sarah Clark, Nate Braun, Kother Maru, Emily Young, Patrick Benka, Jenna Tracy, Tyler Meyer, Michaela Murray, Juan Artega, McKenna Holtz, Ben Brown, Samantha Levy, Rachel Warren, 
        Patrick Morrison, Farrah Hassan and Maris Thomson.
      • Public Outreach Award (30 or more people mobilized): Gabriella Gonzalez, Content Team Member and from the Political Affairs Team, YoungJu Moon, Sophia Serafin, Patrick Benka, Avery Ngo, Ben Brown, Nate Braun, Ann Fulton and Josie Peplinski.
      • Bird-Dog Award: Geethapriya Kumaraguru, HR Team member and from the Political Affairs Team Keily Ramirez, Josie Peplinski, Ava Pecora, Avery Ngo, Sophia Serafin, YoungJu Moon, Hannah White and Danielle Moore. 
      • Article of the Month: Julian Mok, Staple Crop Biofortification Might Be the Key to Solving Hidden Hunger

Visit the Our Team Members page and read about success stories with our organization.

Getting the Word Out


PR/Marketing Team member Mathilde Henriksen hosted a Borgen Project information event in Norway.

HR Team member Geethapriya Kumaraguru went to Red Square at the University of Washington to inform fellow students about The Borgen Project.

Political Affairs Team member Suzan Nassar spoke to a Rotary Club about The Borgen Project.

Political Affairs Team member Rachel Rose Komanapalli pictured presenting at a Rotary Club.

HR Team member Chelsea Prechel dressed as an alien to create attention for The Borgen Project.


One-Mile Campaigns

A success! HR Team member Geethapriya Kumaragurus’ One-Mile Campaign took place at the Seattle Japanese Garden where she spoke to over 40 people about The Borgen Project.

Political Affairs Team member Gillian Jijon beginning her One-Mile Campaign.

Political Affairs Team member Suzan Nassar also had a successful One-Mile Campaign.

Political Affairs Team member Gifty Agana completed her One-Mile Campaign in Arizona.

Political Affairs Team member Morgane Laine hung posters at a nearby Target to bolster attention for global poverty.

PR/Marketing Team member Sydney Downes hung posters at intersections with high foot traffic.

Political Affairs Team member Taylor Hawkins is ready to go!

PR Team member Mathilde Henriksen completed her One-Mile Campaign in Norway.

Content Team member Kristen Bastin hanging posters for her campaign.

Political Affairs Team member Megan Takeda out spreading the word!

Political Affairs Team member Will Wise completed his One-Mile Campaign in New York.

Political Affairs Team member Ryan Lee completing his One-Mile Campaign.

Political Affairs Team member Jessica Martinez out hanging posters.

Political Affairs Team members Erika Chun (left) and Ryan Hodge (right) teamed up to complete their One-Mile Campaign in California.

Political Affairs Team member Keely Dion is ready to go!

Political Affairs Team members Jourdan Jones (left) and Indie Lau (right) both completed their One-Mile Campaign in Seattle, WA!

Political Affairs Team members Amy Ramspoth (left) and Ana Sofia Batista (right) completed the One-Mile Campaign together in Texas.

Political Affairs Team member Minh Vo completed his Campaign in Indiana.

Political Affairs Team member Nicole Kerrigan has her posters ready.

Political Affairs Team member Will Liscomb completed his Campaign in Connecticut.

Political Affairs Team member Samantha Levy got creative for her campaign!

Check out The Borgen Project chalk art created by Political Affairs Team member Amanda Scribner.

HR Team member Grace Graves received a little help for her One-Mile Campaign.

Political Affairs Team member Josh Loritz hanging posters on street signs.

Letters to the Editor

Political Affairs Team

PR/Marketing Team

Outreach & Mobilizing Materials

“What is the Reach Every Mother and Child Act?” by PR/Marketing Team member Chika Okoye

“Global Poverty is Down” by PR/Marketing Team member Ashley Strand

“Lobbying 101” by PR/Marketing Team member Kelvin Slaughter

“Reduce Global Poverty” by PR/Marketing Team member Ashley Strand


Political Affairs Team member Madison Daley hosted a 5K Run/Walk for The Borgen Project.

Content Team member Daria Locher held a Dog Ice Cream fundraiser. Daria successfully raised $75 from the event.

Political Affairs Team member Rupkatha Banerjee organized a fundraising concert as a portion of her campaign.

HR Team member Taryn Woodburn held a raffle fundraiser to fight for the underdog!

Keily Ramirez and Josie Peplinski, Political Affairs Team members, organized a joint fundraiser at Jason’s Deli.

Media Outreach

Radio Interviews

Political Affairs Team member Jessica Martinez had a radio interview with Marc Radio Group! MRG manages several local radio stations in Gainesville, FL. Listen below:


Where Are They Now?

Following her internship with The Borgen Project, former HR Team member Jasmine Hooper volunteered at a village in Africa. Jasmine donated Borgen Project t-shirts to the villagers. Check out the photos below: