On your first day, you’ll dive right into it, so arrive prepared. This page will guide you through getting ready for the big day!


Before Your First Day


1. Download and read the getting started packet. This has everything you need to know for working in the office. There will likely be a few quiz questions about the packet.


2. Schedules. You can select your own schedule, but you will need to stick to that schedule. The office is open to interns M-TH 8:30 am – 2:00 pm. Remote hours aren’t clocked, but you’ll follow the weekly tracker, attend events, and work on a personal fundraising campaign (25-hours). The weekly tracker must be submitted every Friday by 5:00 pm.


3. Your manager will send you a Weekly Tracker for outside of office hours. Complete the week’s tasks by 5:00 pm each Friday. Your manager will check that you’ve completed your tracker by that time.

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4. Know the End Game: When your internship ends, a final performance review goes on file. Help us help you, by reading the form and understanding the expectations.


5. Congressional Outreach: Everyone volunteering for The Borgen Project participates in basic advocacy and contacts their congressional leaders weekly. Congressional offices tally how many times they are contacted about each issue, so your emails and calls matter!


6. Fundraising: Our funding levels determine our impact levels. Like weekly calls to Congress, everyone who is part of the team steps up and participates in fundraising. Bookmark the fundraising ideas page and start planning your campaign. Your Weekly Tracker will guide you through friends and family letters, but to reach the $500 criteria you’ll want to develop your own strategies as well. If you want to stand out at The Borgen Project, fundraising is a good place to do it. Our top fundraisers usually jump ahead and send their fundraising letters in the first week.


7. Goals: Take a look at the goals and milestones. These are great opportunities to boost your resume while having a greater impact within the organization.


8. Stay informed with The Borgen Project State of the Union. The organization’s monthly updates are published on this page. Every month we highlight the achievements of Borgen Project high achievers across the country and globally. If you go above and beyond the call of duty in your fundraising, lobbying or mobilizing efforts, you too may be featured!


On Your First Day

1. Bring a laptop.
2. We’re friendly! Introduce yourself to anyone at The Borgen Project who you haven’t met.
3. Be quiz ready. You’ve been selected to an elite poverty-reduction team. Your work has global ramifications and we expect you to study up before your first day.

You’re ready! We’ll see you at the office!