Fight The Good Fight

Fight the good fight with us!

This page is designed to help newly hired Youth Ambassadors get started. Please follow the steps below.


1. Complete the New Hires Boot Camp. This program will take you through the essential information that all Youth Ambassadors need to know. Go through it thoughtfully (notes are encouraged) and email your finished Training Module from the New Hires Boot Camp to [email protected] within 1 week.

2. Go over The Checklist. This list goes over valuable information that will take you through the inner-workings of our organization, our missions, and our successes, as well as the many intricacies of global poverty reduction and the ways this work benefits the world. As you go through The Checklist, change all incomplete sections to complete, and be ready to present your work to The Borgen Project when asked to in the Weekly Tracker.

3. Download the Weekly Tracker. This will guide you through your time as a Youth Ambassador. Follow the weekly assignments and email your or your group’s Weekly Tracker to [email protected] by Friday at 5:00 PM PST every week. Be sure to note that the Weekly Tracker for individuals is not the same as the Weekly Tracker for groups and clubs.


Youth Ambassador Individual Tracker                                                               Team Weekly Tracker


As you complete each assignment on the Weekly Tracker, mark a line through it and highlight the text in red. Also, record all points earned during that particular week in the section located near the top of the document. Example:


4. Download and sign the Youth Ambassador ContractThe start date is when you were hired (or sent the email with the link to this page). Your contract ends 3 months from the start date.  Email your contract to [email protected]. Congrats on being signed by The Borgen Project! You are now an influential ally for the world’s poor.

5. Bookmark the Political Team Hub: This page functions as an intranet for Political Affairs interns, Regional Directors, Advocates, and Youth Ambassadors. It has links and information tailored toward your work. The private page isn’t accessible from the main site, so save it to your favorites.


Things to Know

1.  Contact Information:  Please email [email protected] for weekly assignments, questions, concerns, and general info.  This will be your direct contact to HQ.

2. The National Conference Call: The national conference call is attended by everyone involved with The Borgen Project and gives the team an opportunity to hear the latest news. What to expect? Just dial in and learn. Register here.

1st and 3rd Mondays at…

3. Pick a Weekly Schedule: Telecommuting offers tremendous freedom, however without a set schedule, it will be very difficult to be successful.

4. The Point System: The Youth Ambassador Program is powered by points. They are how we keep track of your impacts and successes, and we have designed a system that makes advocacy easy and fun! Work as a lone wolf or in groups to advocate, raise awareness, and engage others in the cause while you gather points along the way!

5. My Tribe: We work through awareness and advocacy, and the more people who know about our fight against global poverty the better! As a Youth Ambassador, one of your jobs is to pick 10 (or more!) people to keep in regular contact with as you inform and engage them with the cause. Instructions and tips are provided in the Tribe 101 document here.

6. I Am An Advocate Flyer: Also found on My Tribe 101, this is a template for you to create your own “I Am An Advocate” flyer to send to friends and family as you fight the good fight against global poverty. Pick a picture, write a message, and post/send out/share your own flyer with the people around you to spread the word and engage them in the cause! You can see some examples of other Advocates’ flyers on Facebook here!

7. Create a Folder: Keep track of The Borgen Project documents that you use. Influential allies for the world’s poor need to be organized while they’re operating at the highest political level.

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