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State of the Union December 2017

Note from the President: What a year everyone! The complete numbers will be out in January, but 2017 has set records in just about every category: more political access/lobbying meetings than ever, more leaders being contacted by constituents about poverty-reduction bills, more visitors to the website. The list goes on but the end result is […]

State of the Union November 2017

Note from the President Impressive fundraising everyone! We’ve raised $340,000 thus far this year! Our goal for the year was $300,000 and last year we raised $270,000. We’re $30,000 away from raising $100,000 more than last year. Let’s finish the year strong. Amazing work! ~Clint Borgen[hr] 2017 Holiday Shopping & Giving The Black Friday weekend […]

State of the Union October 2017

[hr_invisible] Note from the President The bills we love are moving! The READ Act passed and was signed into law by the White House. The Protecting Girls’ Access to Education in Vulnerable Settings Act passed in the House. And the Senate Foreign Relations Committee moved the AGOA & MCA Modernization Act forward… All of this […]

State of the Union September 2017

[hr_invisible] Note from the President: [one_half first] Announcing the winner of the 2017 mobilizing competition… BELLA CHAFFEY!!!!! [/one_half] [hr_invisible] Congratulations to our Mobilizing Star Award Winners:  Ariel So, PR/Mktg team; Cameron Gebben, PR/Mktg team;  Chelsea Jones, PR/Mktg team; Cody deDianous, Political Affairs team;  Madeline Wiles, PR/Mktg team; Sean Newhouse, Content team; and Sidney Ross, HR […]

State of the Union August 2017

[hr_invisible] Note from the President: I’m loving the Summer 2017 stats! Lobbying, advocacy emails, articles, fundraising… the list goes on, but we’re seeing record or near-record numbers across multiple areas of our work. August is a crucial month for advocacy. Members of Congress are home for the month and you have lots of opportunities to attend […]

State of the Union July 2017

Political Updates [hr_invisible] Lobbying Efforts Total Lobbying Meetings in June: 29 Total Lobbying Meetings Since the Start of the Year: 236 2017 Goal: 400 Advocacy Emails Total Advocacy Emails in June: 7,826 – the highest monthly total in Borgen Project history! Total Advocacy Emails Since the Start of the Year: more than 31,000! % of […]

State of the Union June 2017

[hr_invisible] Note from the President: One of the most rewarding aspects of running The Borgen Project is seeing the impact our volunteers are having across the country. Nowhere is that impact more noticeable than in my meetings with congressional offices back in D.C. In May, I was on Capitol Hill with several team members and in meeting […]

State of the Union May 2017

[hr_invisible] [hr_invisible]USGLC Event[hr_invisible] Representative Adam Smith (D – WA 9), an honorary member of The Borgen Project Board of Directors, was a featured speaker at the USGLC (U.S. Global Leadership Council) event held in Seattle. The event focused on the importance of our country’s leadership in international affairs and why it matters from both economic and […]

State of the Union April 2017

[hr_invisible] Note from the President:  Syria. There’s a very direct correlation between the advocacy work of our team and the level of resources the U.S. has to respond to humanitarian situations like Syria. Now is more important than ever to be a voice for the voiceless. The White House has proposed enormous cuts to the […]

State of the Union March 2017

[hr_invisible] Note from the President: Who’s coming to lobby in Washington, D.C. with me and The Borgen Project’s Board of Directors? We will be selecting three to attend Congressional meetings and watch the magic happen first hand. This is an all expenses paid trip to participate in 12-14 lobbying meetings per day on Capitol Hill. Eligibility […]