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State of the Union February 2017

[hr_invisible] [hr_invisible] Note from the President: Needless to say the attempt by the White House to ban refugees from entering the U.S. is disheartening beyond belief. As someone who has spent time in Muslim refugee camps, it’s almost laughable to think that many of the families I’ve met with through the years are deemed security threats. It’s also […]

State of the Union January 2017

[hr_invisible] Note from the President: Hey everyone, I can’t thank the 2016 team enough for an amazing year! We’ve been going through the stats for last year and it’s incredibly impressive what you accomplished in 12-months! The new Congress is off and running. Legislation that didn’t pass last year will be reintroduced with new bill numbers. […]

State of the Union December 2016

  Note from the President: Good News! The Education for all Act passed in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee! We were also pleasantly surprised when the committee passed the AGOA Enhancement Act, which contains language pulled from the M-CORE Act. Good Work! I had lots of meetings with Senate offices in November regarding the Education for All Act […]

State of the Union November 2016

Note from the President: This session of Congress (two-year cycle) ends in mid-December. Any legislation that doesn’t pass this month or next will have to be reintroduced in 2017. Now is the time for a strong push! I love our new bill! Check out the Protecting Girls’ Access to Education in Vulnerable Settings Act. For those of us who’ve been […]

State of the Union October 2016

[hr_invisible] Note from the President: Great job fundraising everyone! We raised more in the 3rd Quarter (July 1st – Sept. 30th) than in Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 combined! Summer is usually a strong fundraising period, but to see everyone rally together and raise over $96,000 in a single quarter is extremely impressive. To put […]

State of the Union for September 2016

  Lobbying Meetings: ● Total August Meetings = 25 ● Year-­to-­date Total = 265 ● Annual Goal = 340 ● % of Annual Goal = 78%   Key Bills: ● No new cosponsors for the month of August as the summer recess wraps up. ● Congress is back in session on September 6th, 2016   Mobilizing: ● Total August Emails = 4,696 ● Year-­to-­date Total = 24,676 ● Annual Goal = 24,000 ● % of Annual Goal = 103% [ANNUAL GOAL EXCEEDED!]   We had over 3 times the number of people emailing Congress this month compared to August 2015.   [hr_invisible]   Role Reversal! Normally it’s us Tweeting Congress, but Kyle Birns, from the PA team has been name dropped by his Congressman! Great mtg with […]