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State of the Union July 2018

Political Updates   Lobbying Efforts Total # of Lobbying Meetings in June:  79 Total # of Lobbying Meetings in 2018:  452 – We are already 80% to our goal this year! Lobbying Meetings Goal for 2018:  560 Advocacy Emails Number of Advocacy Emails in June: 11,610 – A new record! The highest number of emails sent in one month. […]

State of the Union June 2018

Note from the President: Welcome to summer excitement! When it comes to advocacy this is my favorite time of year. Members of Congress spend the majority of the summer back in their districts meeting with constituents and finding out what issues to focus on. What makes this year extra interesting is the mid-term election in […]

State of the Union May 2018

District Work Periods:  May 25th through June 1st The May recess is the perfect time to schedule meetings with your congressional leaders, since they will be back from D.C. and in their home district and state.  For all team members who are required to lobby during the program, please schedule meetings with your leaders or members […]

State of the Union April 2018

  Note from the President: The AGOA and MCA Modernization Act just passed in the Senate! The bill now heads to the President to be signed into law. We’ve done lots of lobbying on this bill and it’s great to see it pass in Congress. Great work to everybody who has emailed Congress in support of […]

State of the Union March 2018

  Note from the President: Bitter sweet news out of the State Department. For those of us passionate about the International Affairs Budget, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been a major disappointment. During his brief time at the State Department, more than 60 percent of the organization’s top personnel have left the agency. Imagine if […]

State of the Union February 2018

  Note from the President:  Forbes recently published a story that utilized a Borgen Project article written by Sarah Prellwitz of Idaho. We see this happen frequently, where a major news site references an article written by our Content Team members. Keep up the great writing! You never know who is reading your article. We recently […]

State of the Union January 2018

Political Updates [hr_invisible] Lobbying Efforts Total # of  Lobbying Meetings in December 2017: 21 Total # of Meetings in 2017: 525 Advocacy Emails Number of Advocacy Emails in December 2017: 2,642 emails sent. Borgen Project interns and volunteers mobilized 61,872 emails to Congress since the start of 2017. % of Congress Emailed in 2017: 100%. We emailed all 535 members of Congress […]

State of the Union December 2017

Note from the President: What a year everyone! The complete numbers will be out in January, but 2017 has set records in just about every category: more political access/lobbying meetings than ever, more leaders being contacted by constituents about poverty-reduction bills, more visitors to the website. The list goes on but the end result is […]

State of the Union November 2017

Note from the President Impressive fundraising everyone! We’ve raised $340,000 thus far this year! Our goal for the year was $300,000 and last year we raised $270,000. We’re $30,000 away from raising $100,000 more than last year. Let’s finish the year strong. Amazing work! ~Clint Borgen[hr] 2017 Holiday Shopping & Giving The Black Friday weekend […]

State of the Union October 2017

[hr_invisible] Note from the President The bills we love are moving! The READ Act passed and was signed into law by the White House. The Protecting Girls’ Access to Education in Vulnerable Settings Act passed in the House. And the Senate Foreign Relations Committee moved the AGOA & MCA Modernization Act forward… All of this […]