State of the Union March 2021

Congressional Office Meetings and Live Events

Content Team member, Alessandra Theresa Parker, attended Representative Strickland’s most recent town hall meeting


Political Affairs Team member, Arya Anand, bird dogged a city council meeting


Political Affairs Team member, Shaina Isaacsen, bird-dogged Rep. Sharice Davids (D-KS-03) and Rep. Deb Haaland (D-NM-01)

Political Affairs Team member, Heba Latif, attended a Facebook Live event with Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH)



Congratulations to the following team members who have achieved Borgen Project Honors & Recognition

      • Chief Closer Award (raised $1,000 or more):  
        • Political Affairs Team: Hayley Lenamon, Theresa Nevins, Rachel Bowdler, Alexa Blake Sinclair, Anna Ely, Catherine Clancy, Erin Kalei Memmer, Isaac Weber, Eva Mejia
        • Content Team: Matthew Brown, Rachel Wolf, Sophie Shippe
        • PR/Marketing Team: Taylor Morasci
        • Nonprofit Leadership Team: Megan Korsak, Natalie Allen 
        • HR Team: Elizabeth Bain, Stephanie Surber
      • Bird Dog Award:
        • Political Team: Maryam Khan, Shelby Wane, Maia Kiniyalocts, Lily Ramirez, Sreyas Yennampelli, Shaina Isaacsen, Kyrie Woodard
        • Content Team: Alessandra Theresa Parker
      • President’s Circle:
        • Poltitical Affairs Team: Kalekidan Abera, Madison Prue, Sania Baig, Marielena Alvarez
      • Article of the Month: Biden’s First 100 Days in Office by Adriane Phi

Visit the Our Team Members page and read about success stories with our organization.

Getting the Word Out


Political Affairs Team member, Bernisa Kamenjasevic created an online swarm

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Samantha Lee hosted a swarm with friends

Political Affairs Team member, Monica Hsieh, hosted a swarm


Political Affairs Team member, Olivia Johnson, hosted a living room swarm


Political Affairs Team member, Stefania Valera hosted a swarm


Informational Events

One-Mile Campaigns & Mobilizing

PR/Marketing Team member, Ryan Eitner and his brother

PR/Marketing Team member, Carissa Root

PR/Marketing Team member, Andrea Martinez

PR/Marketing Team member, Bridget Caffrey

PR/Marketing Team member, Julia McIntee

Political Affairs Team member, Anya Dougherty


Political Affairs Team member, Andrea Torres (and her puppy Milo)

HR Team member, Cara Krupnikoff-Salkin

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Christina Rose

PR/Marketing Team member, Melisa Yaylali

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Michele Hillenbrand

Regional Director, Christy Johnson

Regional Director, Hieran Andeberhan, hosted a living room summit with her family

Political Affairs Team member, Shaina Isaacsen

Political Affairs Team member, Nisha Patel

Political Affairs Team member, Andrea Torres

Political Affairs Team member, Arya Anand

Political Affairs Team member, Brandin Adams

Political Affairs Team member, Elvin Hormiz

Political Affairs Team member, Heba Latif




Letters to the Editor

Political Affairs Team

Nonprofit Leadership Team

Content Team

PR/Marketing Team

Outreach & Mobilizing Materials

Political Affairs Team member, Christine Thomas

Regional Director, Christine Thomas

Political Affairs Team member, Alexa Blake

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Tia Jochimsen, created and posted on social media to mobilize people

Political Affairs Team member, Christine Thomas, created graphics for the Global Health Security Act

Content Team member, Elise Brehob, created graphics

PR/Marketing Team member, Julio Sanchez

PR/Marketing Team member, Fadi Baza, created a graphic for the Global Health Security Act

Political Affairs Team member, Ilyssa Mann, created an infographic about eradicating global poverty

PR/Marketing Team member, Corey Youngblood, created an infographic for the Global Health Security Act


Elizabeth Willey of the Nonprofit Leadership Team created a campaign poster/social media poster as a way to get people mobilized and excited about the Borgen Project


Media Outreach

Interviews and Media Features

-PR/Marketing Team member Reghan Callahan secured a shoutout for The Borgen Project on Watchable: An Entertainment Podcast. Listen here.


Nonprofit Leadership Team member, made necklaces for her fundraising campaign

Political Affairs Team member, Madison Prue, created tarot card readings as part of her fundraising campaign

PR/Marketing Team member, Hannah Johns, fundraising campaign

PR/Marketing Team member, Olivia Trompeta, did a 24-hour fundraiser on Facebook raising $420

PR/Marketing Team member, Robin Myers, secured a collaboration with a yoga business to expand her sourdough fundraising campaign

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Lyndsay Wilkens, sold treats for Valentine’s Day fundraising campaign

Regional Director, Maryam Khan, made brownies for fundraising

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Karen Woodall, sold Krispy Kreme donuts for fundraising

PR/Marketing Team member, Jessie Mack, raised money by selling sticker designs on Etsy

HR Team member, JR Lauron


Tik Tok by PR/Marketing Team member Olivia Trompeta


When you are trying to mobilize others to contact Congress. Let me help!

♬ Моя голова винтом (My head is spinning like a screw) – kostromin

Taylor Morasci – PR/Marketing Team member

@taylormorascihow to help solve global poverty in 30 seconds♬ Classical Music – Classical Music

Whitney Bain – PR/Marketing Team member

@litwhit240Savage, but make it ✨have an impact✨ Call your Congressional leaders today!! #savagedance #contactcongress @theborgenproject♬ original sound – Whitney Bain

Political Affairs Team member, Haorong Zhang

The Borgen Project is now on TikTok! Give us a follow @theborgenproject.

Have an idea for a TikTok? Please email them [email protected].


Social Media Outreach

PR/Marketing Team member, Juliet Amin, got a story reposted by @beautybyqwolf (36.6k followers) on Instagram

Regional Director, Kevin Grasell, got a story reposted by an account with 608k followers

PR/Marketing Team member, Hannah Johns, got a story reposted by @thesolidaritysisters (19.3k followers) on Instagram

PR/Marketing Team member, Melisa Yaylali, got a story reposted by @umitko (63.7k followers) on Instagram

PR/Marketing Team member, Kristin Van Epps, got a story reposted by @thedailyaus (90.7k followers) on Instagram

Regional Director, Anna Ryu, got an Instagram post from @young.mindsglobal

PR/Marketing Team member, Masyn Halpern, got a media mention from (12.1k followers) on Instagram




Political Affairs Team member, Maia Kiniyalocts, got a personalized, handwritten letter back from Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) after her letter to the editor was published in the Cincinnati Enquirer


“Congress, will you support the International Affairs Budget?” by Lindsey Erdmann, Political Team

“Informational Event Presentation” by Jessie Mack, PR/Marketing Team

“Covid-19 Relief Bill” by Shelby Wane, Political Team