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The Editors Internship Tracker:

This document outlines your weekly assignments and expectations. Your manager will have sent you access to the Google Doc to be used throughout the internship.

Begin working on Week 1 assignments today. We recommend that you look through the document and plan your weeks accordingly. Some weeks are more time-intensive than others.

The week’s tasks are to be completed by 11PM PST each Friday.

As this is a ‘live’ document, there is no need for a copy to be sent to your manager.  They will access the document throughout the week to check your progress.


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Internship Expectations: We don’t require you to keep track of hours, but you are expected to meet the weekly requirements in order to complete your internship. Not completing the weekly assignments is the equivalent of not showing up to work.

  • Edit articles each week.
  • Complete a personal fundraising campaign and raise a minimum of $500.
  • Meet weekly requirements on the Tracker.
  • Contact your 3 congressional offices each week in support of poverty-reduction programs and legislation.
  • Utilize your social media presence to share links related to the cause.
  • Weekly tracker completed. (Due Friday at 11PM PDT of each week)

Each week, you are asked to complete at least 12 edits.


The Writers’ Guide Book – Read this thoroughly. It contains everything you need to create great Journalistic pieces and wow your editors. With telecommuting roles, we can’t train you in person so it’s important to read the directions closely. The Writers’ Guide Book and training videos are your key to success here!


Editor Instructions: Read Editing Instructions.


Things to Know

Team Managers: Melissa Barrientos and Kelly Hall

1. Pick a Weekly Schedule: Telecommuting offers tremendous freedom, however without a set schedule, it will be very difficult to complete this internship successfully. It becomes very easy to wait until the end of the week and find yourself speed typing poor-quality articles or missing weekly targets. Either scenario can result in losing your internship.  

2. News Team & Assignment Desk: This document covers who’s writing what, topics for articles, key research links and it contains lots of helpful info.


3. Congressional Outreach: Everyone volunteering for The Borgen Project participates in basic advocacy and contacts their congressional leaders weekly. Congressional offices tally how many times they are contacted about each issue, so your emails and calls matter! You should get in the habit of emailing your congressional leaders from here. It is very simple and remembers your information so each week you’ll only have to choose a new piece of legislation and the site will fill in your letter for you. We notice if you don’t email your congressional leaders, so please do.

4. Fundraising: Our funding levels determine our impact levels. It’s that simple. Like weekly calls to Congress, everyone who is part of the team steps up and participates in fundraising. Bookmark the fundraising ideas page and start planning your campaign.

5. Training and Orientation: Attend training and orientation meetings the first and third Monday of your internship, at 4pm PST.

6. Kudos: With team members spread across the globe, our approach to awards is fairly low key. While we’d love to present winners with a giant trophy at a ceremony, we recognize that it would create overhead and the majority of our winners would prefer to see the funding go to helping the poor. Do take a look at the milestones and let us know when you qualify.

7. Stay informed with The Borgen Project State of the Union. The organization’s monthly updates are published on this page. Every month we highlight the achievements of Borgen Project high achievers across the country and globally. If you go above and beyond the call of duty in your fundraising, lobbying or mobilizing efforts, you too, may be featured!

Can I miss a week? If needed, you may take one week off during the course of your internship. Notify your supervisor beforehand and make note of it in your Weekly Tracker. Missing a week pauses where you are on the Weekly Tracker, so simply pickup where you left off.

Most importantly, know the Writers’ Guide Book like the back of your hand!