State of the Union February 2019


Political Updates

We did it! On Monday, January 14, 2019, S. 1580, Protecting Girls’ Access to Education in Vulnerable Settings Act, was signed into law with overwhelming bipartisan support in Congress. Thank you Borgen Project Team members for your continuous efforts in helping to pass this important piece of legislation. It would not have been possible without your advocacy. Great work, team!

Lobbying Efforts

  • Total # of Lobbying Meetings in January: 12
  • Total # of Lobbying Meetings in 2019: 12
  • Lobbying Meetings Goal for 2019: 775

Advocacy Emails

  • Number of Advocacy Emails in January: 4,232
  • Advocacy Emails Goal for 2019: 80,000
  • % of Congress Emailed in January: 65%

Warren’s Address

Listen to the latest from Warren about the goings-on in D.C.


Content Team Updates

A great start to the year, our website traffic is 75% higher than this time last year.  Great job everyone.


Professional Development Help

We are pleased to offer professional development help to our interns. To find out more go to:



Congratulations to the following team members that have achieved Borgen Project Honors & Recognition.

      • Chief Closer Award (raised $1,000 or more): Raquel Ramos, Content Team; Daniel McAndrew-Greiner, Content Team
      • Public Outreach Award (50 or more people mobilized): Mika Brouillette, Political Affairs Team, mobilized 60 people

Visit the Our Team Members page and read about success stories with our organization.


Getting the Word Out

Political Affairs Team member Adrian Ghainda gave six presentations within one week! Adrian was able to mobilize close to 27 people to email Congress. During his presentation, he discussed the importance of calling Congress.

Political Affairs Team member Maggie Wells created a swarm by hosting a meeting with her sorority sisters. Maggie had them call and email Congress.

Political Affairs Team member Kellen Cody also created a swarm and had several of her friends email their congressional leaders on the same issue.

One-Mile Campaigns

Content Team member Luis Santos created a flyer for his One-Mile Campaign and posted it throughout his school campus. Great work, Luis!

Letters to the Editor

Alexander Lutton, Political Affairs Team, in The Baltimore Sun: No mom should have to travel 2,000 miles to get medical care for their child

Adrian Ghainda, Political Affairs Team, in Protect future of the global community

Outreach & Mobilizing Materials

PR Team member Hazel Gonzalez created a series of graphics to use for social media, which were recently featured on TBP Instagram story.


Hazel also created infographics detailing the benefits of shopping through Amazon Smile.

As well as how to contact Congress. Don’t forget to Act Now!

And, finally, Hazel created a Borgen Project event flyer.

PR Team member Krithi Sekaran created an infographic to show how powerful your phone can be in helping to alleviate global poverty.

Regional Director David Fladger created a meme for the Food for Peace Modernization Act.


Political Affairs Team member Mika Brouillette shows us how to mobilize through Facebook. Mika followed up with people who liked her original post and sent them a private message to spread the word.


Political Affairs Team member Julya Generoso created a video to introduce her followers to The Borgen Project and the global poverty fight.