State of the Union July 2021

Mark your calendars! On Saturday, July 31st, 2021, you’re invited to BORGENFEST!

Musical Guests:

99 Neighbors // Kitty Coen


Guest Speakers:

Congressman Adam Smith // Natalie Gill-Mensah // Clint Borgen


BORGENFEST is the organization’s virtual event of the summer benefitting the fight to end global poverty. Don’t miss our featured musical artists, special guest speakers, and headliner 99 NEIGHBORS!! 
Attending BORGENFEST is free for all volunteers, interns, and staff.
Please see the email sent to you by your manager for further details and fundraising opportunities.

Political Updates

Lobbying and Advocacy Efforts

  • Total # of Lobbying Meetings in June: 19
  • Total # of Lobbying Meetings in 2021: 162
  • Lobbying Meetings Goal for 2021: 700

Advocacy Emails

  • Total # of Advocacy Emails in June: 20,245
  • Total # of Advocacy Emails in 2021: 102,359
  • Advocacy Emails Goal for 2021: 330,000
  • % of Congress Emailed Year to Date: 100%

Congressional Office Meetings and Bird Dogging

Brianna Landrud, Regional Director, bird-dogged Representative Angie Craig [MN-02] at the June Town Hall Meeting and asked her a question about the Girls LEAD Act

Javid Javadi, Regional Director, bird-dogged Representative Katie Porter [D-CA-45]

Updates from DC

Listen in to hear all of the latest updates from DC.


Congratulations to the following team members who have achieved Borgen Project Honors & Recognition

      • Honors Award (raised $3,000 or more):
        • Political Affairs Team: Abe Passman
      • Capital Achievement Award (raised $2,000 or more):
        • HR Team: Jacqueline Shen
        • Nonprofit Leadership Team: Victoria Adams
      • Chief Closer Award (raised $1,000 or more):  
        • Political Affairs Team: Caroline Radocaj, Stephen Crotty, Shalin Mehta,
          Abhinav Ramesh, Aidan Swayne, Kathryn Parker, Amanda Morello, Tatum Korol
        • HR Team: Kaitlin Lovejoy
        • Nonprofit Leadership Team: Grace Hotaling, Macklin Fishman, Kaitlyn Evans, Ripra Gupta
        • Content Team: Will Pease
        • PR/Marketing Team: Brett Fawer
      • Bird-Dog Award: 
          • Regional Directors: Kaylee Deland, Brianna Landrud
          • Political Affairs Team: Imaan Chaudhry, Taylor Ridilla, Bryce Walsh
          • PR/Marketing Team: Anya Hariharan
      • President’s Circle Award (Mobilized 50+ people):
        • Political Team: Maleah Meinhold, Quinten Reid, Sydney Werner, Taylor Ridilla, Trey Jurica, Zoe Christidis
      • Articles of the Month: 

Visit the Our Team Members page and read about success stories with our organization.

We are happy to announce that our work in the state of Michigan was recognized by MI Governors. Special thanks to Political Affairs Team member Amanda Morello and Political Affairs Assistant Manager Anna Ryu for gaining this tribute

Getting the Word Out

Information Events

Katie Chriscoe, Regional Director, spoke to this John Maxwell Transformation Tables group about The Borgen Project’s mission and how they can get involved

Kaylee Deland, Regional Director, hosted a living room summit

Regional Director, Colby Mathe, networked for the cause

Katie Chriscoe, Regional Director, hiked 20 miles on the American Tobacco Trail which connects the towns of Cary and Durham in North Carolina. While hiking, she recorded some vlogs about The Borgen Project.

One-Mile Campaigns & Mobilizing

PR/Marketing Team member, Damla Ipekcioglu

Regional Director, Paulina Jachimski

Political Affairs Team member, Rania Chakaki

Political Affairs Team memeber, Sophie Behzadi

Political Affairs Team member, Noelle VanDeBogart-Gonzalez

Brianna Landrud, Regional Director

Necati Uygun, Regional Director, in Turkey

Mey Olesya Tarim, Regional Director, in Turkey

PR/Marketing Team member, Inez Teixeira in Barcelona


Political Affairs Team member, Tatum Korol, in San Rafael, CA


Letters to the Editor

Political Affairs Team

Nonprofit Leadership Team

Content Team 

HR Team 

PR/Marketing Team 

Regional Director

Outreach & Mobilizing Materials

Regional Director, Emily Day’s cat, supporting the cause!

4 infographics by Alexa Sinclair, Regional Director, Reach Every Mother and Child Act and the Girls Lead Act and The Gender Inequality Act.




Nonprofit Leadership Team member Casey Kohlstruk’s branding campaign materials

PR/Marketing Team member, Ashley Keiser created this infographic in support of the Girls LEAD Act

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Vera Rousseff, encouraging others to support the Girls LEAD Act


PR/Marketing Team member, Avery Marelli, created this International Affairs Budget infographic

PR/Marketing Team member, Benjamin Harriton, create the following set of materials in support of the Girls LEAD Act

Shalane Carson, Nonprofit Leadership Team member’s branding campaign infographics

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Jenna Butler’s branding campaign materials

PR/Marketing Team member, Christine Huynh, created this ‘Why Contacting Congress Matters’ infographic







Political Affairs Team member, Caroline Radocaj, prepares for her pizza fundraiser

Olivia Vandervelden, Nonprofit Leadership Team member, is making bracelets for her fundraising campaign



Sydney Rusche, Nonprofit Leadership Team member, hosted a yoga event as part of her fundraiser


HR Team member, Juliette Mortenson, baked these yummy cookies as part of her fundraiser!

Political Affairs Team member, Maleah Meinhold, is crocheting as part of her fundraising campaign

Media Outreach

Colby Mathe, Regional Director

Nonprofit Leadership Team member, Soledad Sanchez


PR/Marketing Team member, Brendan Baksh

PR/Marketing Team member, Brett Fawe

PR/Marketing Team member, Casey Kwiks

Ellie Alsup, Political Affairs Team member, created a video presentation about the Girls LEAD Act


Jordan Barney, PR/Marketing Team member, gave a speech in front of Camarillo City Council on behalf of the organization